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About whoarewe.co.uk

We started this campaign to attract new and existing customers to our new online shop and (to our new showroom in Great Harwood Lancashire ) for bar equipment, beer equipment, commercial refrigeration and catering equipment. As a small family run company, dedicated to keeping our, and therefore our customers' costs to a minimum, we decided to use some lateral thinking to get ourselves noticed in a competitive marketplace.

We decided to take a similar approach to club promoters and distribute flyers and posters, printed with the question ' WHO ARE WE? ' in the hope that this novel approach would send some visitors our way. You will see us at the major bar and catering trade fairs throughout the country, handing out flyers to visitors and generally making ourselves seen.

We believe our online bar, beer, catering and refrigeration shop is the best there is, so we will stop at nothing to tell you about it. Nothing that is except paying huge fees to bar and catering exhibition promoters! Other plans we have done for this guerilla campaign include visits to pub, club and brewery shows (someone has to do it), mail shots, T-shirts for our charity events we do and car and van signage with the " WHO ARE WE " logo.

We will be updating this site as new ideas and events come along, so add this page to your favorites or contact us if you want to know more - here. Finally we'd like to thank branches for web site design and for bringing the penguins to life.